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Offers you can't afford not to take advantage of!!!!

It's easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Choose the Special Coupon from below that is right for you
  2. Call to schedule the appointment for service/repair you chose
  3. Schedule the repair/service for one of the Twelve Days of Christmas Promotion Days (December 1st thru December 16th)

****Be sure to Request the 12 Days of Christmas Special

***** Coupons cannot be used with other offers

Coupons cannot be combined

Only One Coupon per Vehicle

If your CHECK ENGINE LIGHT is on you should not ignore it. It is there as a warning that something is going on. It may not be anything serious, however you only have one check engine light and if something does go wrong that is more serious you will not have a second warning to rely on. Best to get that light taken care of.


($88 Value)

with repair of diagnosed issue.

A Broken Timing Belt can destroy an engine!!! Check your maintenance schedule to see if it is time for yours to be replaced.

$75 OFF Timing Belt Replacement 

Is your Vehicle Ready for COLD WEATHER?

With the weather we have been having it is hard to imagine that the weather is going to get cold. But every year that cold weather finally arrives. Has your antifreeze been checked lately? Low antifreeze can allow your radiator to freeze and burst in extremely cold weather and Antifreeze that is old and has lost the properties that allow it to protect your radiator and your coolant system from corrosion can cause unnecessary damage. It is recommended that your cooling system be flushed every 30,000 miles to remove any corrosion or sludge that may have accumulated and can wreak havoc on your vehicle's system.


+ $15 Off Coolant Flush  

Is Your Heat as hot as it should be? You will want to stay warm this winter. If a thermostat sticks open your heat will not be as hot as it should be and your vehicle will not be running at peak performance (not getting the best gas mileage). If a thermostat sticks closed, then your vehicle will begin to run hot and can do Major damage to the engine. The temperature gauge will indicate when your vehicle is running too hot, however the only way you will know if it is sticking open is to be aware of how hot your heat is inside your vehicle.

FREE Cooling System Flush


Thermostat Replacement

Did you know that the most common breakdown is caused by a bad Battery. You may not have any previous warning that your battery is getting weak. Once your Battery falls below 10% then your vehicle may just cut off and not start back. If your battery is 3 years old--Get it checked. Don't let something like a battery spoil your Holiday plans.

FREE Battery Load Test

FREE Charging System Check

20% off Legend Battery 

This is the offer for you if you have a needed repair that is going to cost $250 or more. Why not get a FREE OIL CHANGE and FREE WIPER BLADES--You are going to need these two things at some point.

Got Some repairs that we have recommended in the past and you have just been putting them off hoping you could get by with waiting? If so this Coupon may be for you. You can save 20% off these repairs up to $100 savings. If you are unsure of what we have recommended, just give us a call--we have a record of it--or you can find them printed on your past invoices.

20% off Past Recommendations

(up to $100)

Keeping on top of the recommended maintenance adds longevity to your vehicle. You have a big investment in your vehicle and you need to protect that investment. Spending a little on preventative maintenance can save you big bucks in future unnecessary repair bills. PREVENTION IS ALWAYS THE BEST CURE!!!! Remember maintenance does not stop with 90,000 miles, it continues for every additional 30,000 miles.

20% Off 30/60/90,000 factory recommended

Scheduled Maintenance

Brake repairs should never be put on the back burner. There will be lots of stopping and starting in the heavy Holiday traffic and when you need to stop----you need for your vehicle to respond immediately. Don't let a safety hazard spoil your Holiday Shopping an Travels!!!!

$30 Off Complete Brake Repair

Are You Ready????? Winter is Coming and the cold temperatures can create problems if you are not ready.


OK so none of the other specials fit your needs.

Here is the opportunity to make your own special.

$25 Off Labor on Any Repair over $150



What a great idea for that Christmas Stocking!

That is a 33 1/3% Savings on any repair or service that you may need in the Future.

Because it is such a great deal, ONLY ONE is being OFFERED.

*****Must be first to call during days of Promotion (December 1 trough Dec 16) and request the Gift Certificate.


******Gift Certificate may be used on any repair/service at any time at Paul's Automotive and may be used in any increments you choose. No expiration!!